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Installing Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.0

The scope of this blog article is to share my experience in installing Informatica PowerCenter 8.6.0 on windows xp sp2.
I have seen many posts on "http://technet.informatica.com/forums/powercenter-forums/installation-upgrades" about some problems that I solved.
Installing PowerCenter Services
Before to begin the installation you must add path to the server bin directory to the PATH environment variable ie if your instalation path is G:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0 then you must add G:\Informatica\PowerCenter8.6.0\server\bin to the PATH . This because the server uses (through JNI) pmjrepn.dll library and this dll there is in this directory . On windows JNI find a library path with native code (DLLs) in PATH environment variable.
If you do not make this setting you will get this error :

The installer cannot ping the domain. The domain must be available to create the Repository Service and Integration Service.
Verify that Informatica Services is running on the domain host and select Retry.

STDOUT: [ICMD_10133] Command [ping] failed with error [[ICMD_10053] Node [node01_acasa] Domain [Domain_acasa] Host:Port [acasa:6001] has failed to ping back.].

I have tried and the others versions of Informatica PowerCenter (8.1.1) but I got same error :)

If your installation is installing a new domain choose that case but if you want to run a service (let's say reporting service) on the other machine than the one that host the domain , then on this machine you must choose "join to the domain".
In case you configure a new domain , you must configure the database to store PowerCenter configuration domain metadata at database level (here you must give to installer details about database account that store this metadata eg on Oracle , host,port and name/password of the admin account)
If you configure a new domain you must give details about this domain at application level ie Domain name , domain host name , node name , domain port and user admin/password .
I configured the domain at database and application level you must configure it at Operating System level , to tell when Informatica PowerCenter Services is started automatically - we must configure a user of windows operating system that has windows log on privilege - you can uncheck Run Informatica Services under a different name to run services under the same of user that make installation.
I want to remark a BPEL (Business Execution Language Language) server introduced in Informatica PowerCenter 8.1.6 with the corresponding administration console . Besides this components we find a Informatica Orchestration Designer - a tool for designing server side processing flows and interactions with the client tools . I tried BPEL functionality in Oracle JDeveloper (Oracle have bought Collaxa and updated JDeveloper)
Installing client tools

For installing Mapping Arhitect for windows - a client tool for designing mappings , is necessary Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. Service Pack 1 and Microsoft Visio 2003 . If you do not have it , this tool would be disabled. I have just .Net Framework -freely distributable . The rest of installation is without problems
Installing documentation
If you want to have and documentation

In the next post I want give you some details of how configure this installation.

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